Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ok, time to think of stuff to write

Some of us just don't keep serious online journals and up until now, I had proudly counted myself amongst them. I do have a xanga that I occasionally write in for my own amusement but I never post anything particularly serious or relevant to my life, so actually sitting down and writing (and being graded on, oh God oh God) about my impressions/feelings/experiences etc. should be interesting to say the least. My discomfort aside, I do think that the whole online aspect to this class will be a good way to share the experiences of others, debate and discuss, and generally become closer as a group. It'll be interesting to see how this shapes up and how I'll do in relation to everyone else. I fully expect my journal to be a mixture of serious reflection and unapologetic weirdness, so you probably should as well. I'm done now. Have a picture of a sparkly unicorn.


Blogger eeeericaaaa said...

Zak, I really like your pics!

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